Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cold Metal Working and the Making of Jewels

Chilly metal job is a procedure which transforms the exterior of metals with use of heat. It has several techniques to make forms, textures and links between 2 metal pieces. These methods are the essential components for any jeweler. To start making jewels, you have to be aware of the techniques and to have the Метчики ручные. Once you have done these, your innovative spirit may flow and you are capable of designing any form of jewel that you want. The subsequent techniques are useful in making jewelry with chilly metal works:
Initially, take a bit of metal sheet in order to carry out and study the techniques. Then put the sheet of metal over the bench pin. Mount a blade of the saw into the saw frame. The blade must not be too tight or not very loose, which may cause the breakage of the blade. Place the cutting tool at ninety degree angle into the дешевый Плашки and make an ascending stroke on the border to create a mark. Place the top of the tool on the notch and let the blade to move up and down, allowing the teeth in doing the work. Cutting with a saw is an essential method in creating patterns or shapes.
Make use of a file to rub or smooth the ends of the pieces you have just cut. This file is vital in removing rough ends. You will observe that the file can remove the metal only on a forward stroke. The rearward strokes scrape the metal and will give the false impression that it had detached the metal.
Put one of piece of metal squares into the steel slab and utilize masking tape in securing it. Make a line in the metal and rest a lining tool in the metal wherein you would emboss a line. Chasing is the means to make imprints in the metal, which looks extremely the same as engraving.
Make mild strikes with chasing mallet. Move the lining tool alongside the contour; be cautious in not picking up the device. This will guarantee a permanent looking line. When the metal deforms or becomes domed in any means, roll it over and gently hammer the exterior by means of rawhide hammer to redesign the metal. Chasing may also form texture and shapes with use of stamps or any other engraving tools in order to mark the metal.
Utilize any of the pieces of metal square which came from chasing or new square then place it in the steel slab. This sets up the subsequent method of drilling or stabbing metal. You have to make a decision where you desire to make a hole. Make a punch in the middle and place the end on the determined location of the hole. With the use of chasing hammer, strike the top of the device in making a notch on the metal.
Decide the location of the rivet and align the metal in that location. Rivets are used in joining metal without the use of heat. Rivets have two types, the tube and the split. Make use of the drill bit which is similar to the wire gauge intended for rivet. Put drill bit in the dimple and make a hole. Put the threaded metal into the steel slab and lightly tap onto the wire by means of chasing hammer. Turn over the metal and do it again.
Utilize the techniques in sawing, engraving, piercing and riveting to start shaping your plans for metal jewelries.

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