Friday, December 7, 2012 Makes the Case for the Advantages of Having a Left-Handed Mother, Just in Time for Mother's Day

What do left-handed mothers have in common with Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Charlemagne, and Napoleon? As Mother's Day approaches, consider the following parallels.

Great military leaders have to plan and strategize long and complex campaigns involving numbers of people who must be housed, clothed, equipped, and fed. They have a clear understanding of their own army's strengths and weaknesses, as well as their enemy's. They must be able to inspire their troops and citizens to undertake difficult and potentially deadly battles for political reasons not entirely clear to the ordinary soldier.

The leaders listed above were ALL left-handed. In fact, a surprisingly high percentage of history's legendary military strategists were lefties, and it's no accident. Neurological studies have shown clearly that left-handers use both hemispheres of the brain for certain types of thinking, though right-handers primarily use the left hemisphere for similar tasks. This structural difference gives lefties an advantage in spatio-temporal projection - in planning complex campaigns in far-away places over long periods of time, for example. Lefties can read plans and maps, and understand how things will work out in three dimensions as well as in time. Not surprisingly, a high percentage of both architects and chess players are left-handers.

Now consider the tasks a mother must manage in the campaign of family life, and the relationship is clear women's coats . It's no wonder mothers are frequently compared to generals (though they are usually more subtle about it)! Mothers have to manage, plan, strategize, evaluate, and, especially, inspire.

The best generals are those who can turn unpredicted events to advantage, who are themselves unpredictable and creative, and who can capture the imaginations of their troops so well that soldiers will risk their lives. Imagine how useful these skills would be for mothers - especially the talent for getting people to do what they want to avoid. Again, these are traits often shared by lefties - creativity, unpredictability, resilience, and an ability to engage and lead people.

Left-handedness is considerably more prevalent among men than women.

Because left-handed mothers are a relatively rare group, their children are both fortunate and well-equipped to handle whatever life brings.

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