Sunday, December 2, 2012

TSB Magazine Revamps its Fashion Section to Include More Fashion Advice for Men

TSB Magazine, a leading online source for men's interest articles and dating advice, has revamped its fashion section to include more insights and advice about style, clothing, accessories, and other men's-fashion-related topic s.

The new articles in this department mainly touch on the practical aspects of fashion. Most of the pieces that have already been published do not mention subjects like haute couture or brand name fashions, instead take a more universal approach to covering men's style.

Some of the new articles demonstrate this approach to covering men's style. Recent headlines include: Summer Shoes that aren't Flip Flops, How to Dress Yourself Bulkier, How to Make Loose Jeans Look Good, and the Long and Short of Shorts.

Many of the articles published in TSB's fashion section, both before and after the revamp, were penned by Melbourne-based journalist Natasha Abrahams, who also covers the entertainment scene in Australia for Weekendnotes. She brings a female's insight to men's fashion and covers topics that are related to regular everyday styles, not high-end fashions. Abrahams is slated to continue her column on TSB for the foreseeable future.    

The revamped fashion section has joined the other men's interest departments on TSB. All departm women's coats ents are updated regularly, with most seeing several new articles per week.

The site's dating section covers all aspects of the dating game from a guy's perspective. The articles in this department include everything from flirting and seduction tips to tips on how to date multiple women at once to sex advice.

The Alpha Living department, meanwhile, covers health and business topics and also features profiles of well-known or successful men (a recent profile focused on comic book legend Stan Lee). Other profiles in Alpha Living feature people who are "self-made" and have started a major enterprise on their own and built it into a successful business on their own.

One of the most unique departments on TSB's site is entitled Inner Game. This section features articles about building confidence and mental strength and developing skills that can be applied in a variety of business and dating situations. Recent articles in this particular section include Embrace Game-Changing Moments and Curb your Self-Depreciation.

Other regularly-updated sections on TSB include College Life, which focuses on dating, partying and health for college-age readers; Videos, which features a variety of video posts related to the different men's interest topics; and Woman, which profiles some of the world's most beautiful and famous actresses, models, and other celebrities.

Because the site is updated multiple times each day, each section regularly receives new content. Readers with an interest in men's fashion will be able to read fresh content regularly, while those new to TSB can explore the large backlog of fashion-related articles that have already been published on the site.

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