Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sexy CEO of JNL Worldwide, Inc Jennifer Nicole Lee Celebrates Major 1 Year Anniversary to JNL Clothing Line with a Roller Blading Workout in "Earn Your Shower" T-shirt

Upon the huge milestone of success of celebrating her 1 year anniversary to her JNL Clothing line, JNL is caught celebrating with a brisk roller blading workout session in one of her all time favorite t-shirt designs. Her JNL Clothing line was launched one year ago, and sales are still going strong and climbing.
Not only is JNL a clothing designer, she is also an ambassador of women's health and female wellness issues. She was once a fat and frumpy housewife who transformed into a mega model-mogul. She understands how it feels first hand to be overweight, out of shape, with little to no energy. Her love affair with fitness started after the birth of her children, and has not stopped. JNL is enjoying her fitness freedom now more than ever. This best-selling author and celebrity was sighted on South Beach, celebrating her fit body in a shiny metallic bikini with her famous "Earn Your Shower" training tank top, from her JNL FUSION workout method merchandise line. Obviously, she is showing the world that life is more fun when you are fit.

Also, she was spotted going to a private celebrity training facility, wearing a super pair of tight training pants, showing off a backside and booty that even cause Jennifer Lopez to be jealous . JNL was heading for possibly a JNL Fusion training method, which she will be releasing out on a complete 12 exercise dvd collection at http://www.JNLFusion.com . Her 2nd JNL Fusion World Conference will be held at a private Miami Beach Resort for her exclusive Master Trainers who come in from around the world to attend and be trained with JNL. Jennifer Nicole Lee is the "Grand Master" Trainer and creator of this revolut women's jackets ionary method. They must apply at http://www.JNLFusion.net and be carefully selected by JNL and her team of top experts.
From the latest celebrity paparazzi photos, it's apparent that her JNL Fusion method is working, as her body is the billboard displaying to all that she is extremely healthy, with a happy smile to go with it.

For full story and more photos, visit http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2061134/What-rock-rolling-body-Fitness-guru-Jennifer-Nicole-Lee-goes-skating-tiny-metallic-blue-bikini.htm


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